Appropos of Nothing in Particular

I’ve officially reached saturation when it comes to sports played with an oval ball. The rugby matches started mid-afternoon today and will continue until around 10pm tonight, and the rugby league grand final (which features the Auckland Warriors) has just begun. My eyes glazed over several hours ago and I retreated behind my laptop to read blogs and play games. As Bertie Wooster would have it, “a joke’s a joke, but there are limits.” I think I’ve reached mine. I still think that the Rugby World Cup is a fabulous event and that it’s great for New Zealand to be hosting it, and I’m enjoying the excitement it’s created; I just wish that there wasn’t quite so much rugby involved…

We’ve been home for a week and Petra’s missing all the people who were coming and going at Nanny’s house. She wants more play dates and visitors, which is easy enough to manage. And she also wants a baby brother or sister, which is a bit trickier. Petra’s got it all worked out – where the baby would sleep, what it would eat, which toys she would share, what clothes she could hand down, what carseat the baby would use and where in the car it would go, and so on and so on. When I asked if she was sure that she wanted a baby, she told me that she’s tired of playing babies with her dolls and really really does want a real baby. I explained that babies are not dolls, but proper little people with ideas of their own, but Petra was unfazed. After giving it some thought, she decided that she would be able to share with a sibling and work out any conflicts.

This is all a little disconcerting because I’m currently leaning away from wanting another child. I to and fro and haven’t entirely decided, but at the moment, I’m fro-ing more than I’m to-ing. A few weeks or months of Petra’s persuasions though, and things might change.

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