My hair has been cut. And some new pants purchased. I got a couple of frivolous tops as well, just because. So the business part of the holiday has been completed and now we’re just here for fun. I’m having brunch with a friend tomorrow and going off to visit my aunt and uncle tomorrow afternoon. Petra wants to feed the ducks at the gardens; I want to visit the University Book Shop.

If it’s not too cold, we’ll go to England’s public practice on Tuesday afternoon as our contribution to the Rugby World Cup action. I’m curious to see what they do and I think Petra will find it fascinating. She’s very enthusiastic about ball games and athletics, eagerly trying out the different sports she sees.

She’s also very enthusiastic about hanging with her relatives. She and I, and Nanny and Kelvin were sitting around in the lounge earlier and she counted us all, then said, “we’re a family aren’t we?” She loves having a community of people that belong to her and enjoys listing everyone and working out their relationships to her.

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