Home From Home

Petra and I are in Dunedin for the next week. Hence the lack of posts for the last few days. We flew on Wednesday and arrived into a hectic round of family visits. Petra’s having a fabulous time catching up with her cousins and aunts and grandparents, and I am enjoying the chance to hang with some grown ups. I miss grown up time.

And, we get to get hair cuts. Petra’s shaggy, ill-fringed mop has been turned into a lovely short bob, and it’s my turn this afternoon. I haven’t had a hair cut since March so it’s way past time. I also need to go shopping because none of my pants fit any more. My aunt tells me that I look like I’m wearing my big sister’s clothes. Not a good look. She’s planning to lead an expedition on Saturday to kit me out in something more presentable.

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