US Open Tennis

All four semi-final matches were played today. The women’s went as expected – Serena Williams and Sam Stosur are through to the final. It’s hard to see anyone beating Serena at the moment. She’s fit, healthy, focused, and moving better than she has for years.

I suppose the men’s went as expected as well – Djokovic and Nadal in the final – but the Djokovic/Federer match was a bizarre, crazy affair. Federer won the first two sets, but Djokovic managed to scrap his way through the next two sets to take it to a fifth. Then Federer served for the match and had two match points. Djokovic hit an insane forehand, broke, and won the next three games to take the match. Federer will have nightmares about it I’m sure. He was so disappointed that he couldn’t make even a pretense at graciousness in the post-match press conference, suggesting that Djokovic knew that he was beaten and had just taken a huge cut at the ball, because it didn’t matter anymore, and fluked an amazing winner. He couldn’t bring himself to admire Djokovic’s play at all.

Federer’s finding I think that it’s much easier to be a graceful, humble winner, than a gracious loser. After his years of dominance, it’s taking him some time to adjust to the new world order where people like Tsonga and Berdych and Soderling are able to beat him sometimes, and the conversation about who’s the best is focused on Djokovic and Nadal instead of him.

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