Parent/teacher Interview

I had my very first meeting about Petra and her progress this morning. It was interesting to get a teacher’s eye view of Petra. I’m so close to her, and to my own experience of and feelings about being a mother, that it’s not always easy to get enough distance to observe her clearly. They tell me that she’s smart and articulate, very observant of what’s going on around her, creative, and thoughtful. And they tell me that she’s getting more and more comfortable with allowing the other children into her space and her games. She kept her boundaries very rigid at first and yelled if anyone got too close, but now she’s feeling safe enough to let those boundaries flex.

I was a little concerned that she might feel left out and a bit awkward about group play, but it sounds like she can play in groups as well as going off and doing something else when she wants to. She’s a very self-contained lass, but she is socialising.

I’m so pleased for her and impressed by what she’s achieved. Dealing with the separation from me was difficult for her, but she worked away at it at her own pace and when she felt ready she told me I could leave. I admire her courage and determination. And she’s learned such a valuable lesson – when you first start things you’re unsure and unfamiliar, but if you persevere, you become sure and familiar. Or as Petra puts it, “I was new, but now I’m old. Tisaja or Nikaia or Sierra or whoever is new; I’m old.” She’s proud of what she’s learned and she’s a lot bolder and more confident about taking things on. So far, kindy has been a fabulous experience for her – I hope the rest of the year is as positive.

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