Some Friday Night Weather…

It’s been a long, strange week, and I’m glad to reach the end of it. The snow was one thing, a few days of adventure, the gale force winds and hailstorms and rain squalls that followed, have been a whole other (much less enjoyable) thing. I’m hoping for better weather over the weekend.

Petra and I did enjoy the snow while it lasted though, and here are a couple of pictures of us checking it out.

Eating Snow

Look, it's snowing out here!!

Snow and Cabbage Trees

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2 Responses to Some Friday Night Weather…

  1. Here you are! I thought I’d lost you. When I clicked on your name (when you commented at my blog) it said your blog had been removed. And they’ve messed with how they display my subscriptions at WordPress too. Anyway, so glad you’re still here!

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