The New Math

tim_pratt: The New Math.

Tim Pratt is a writer of urban fantasy novels whose son is a week older than Petra.  I read his blog for the tidbits about his writing life, but mostly for the glimpses of how other people with almost-four-year-olds live their lives.  Today he put up a brief blog post which captures just how brilliant and how awesomely non-linear preschoolers are.

This morning he independently invented subtraction: “Three fingers, take away two, you have, one finger!”

…he was somewhat confused about zero, so we talked about that a bit, with examples: “If you have one banana, and you eat it, how many do you have left?”


“And if you have two bananas, and you eat two, what do you have?”

He replied, very seriously: “If you eat two bananas, you have a tummy ache.”

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