Snow falls in Wellington

Today has been all about the snow here.  Travis stayed home from work, Petra stayed home from kindy, and Petra and I spent as much time outside playing in the snow as we could stand.

It just doesn’t normally snow this much anywhere in New Zealand and it’s exciting and interesting, even though it’s disruptive and inconvenient as well.  Snow fell on downtown Wellington this morning and people abandoned their offices to rush outside and throw snowballs or simply to look at the flakes falling.

Petra and I went outside in the thick of the flurries so that we could taste the snow and catch it on our hands and faces.  We ran (or walked in my case) around waving our arms in the air and yelling.  We threw snowballs.  And Petra ate large quantities of it (as you do), and brought some inside for Travis and me to share.

It’s been a wonderful day.  Tomorrow might be a bit trickier though, because we have quite the dusting of snow right now and there’s every possibility that it will all freeze overnight.  We’ve been playing at being stuck at home today; tomorrow we might really be stuck.  Just as well I made so much banana loaf…

Snow falls in Wellington – news – dominion-post | article contains some beautiful photos, many of which also show just how little snow it takes to make the North Island shut down.)

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