Snow in Wellington

We had a real-live snowfall here this afternoon. Great fat flakes that covered the ground surprisingly quickly. We tromped around outside, threw some snowballs, and took some photos. All was wonderful until Petra had her first experience of the throbbing and burning caused by blood flowing back into chilled fingertips. She didn’t much enjoy it!

So we retreated inside and Petra sat on the dining room table (just this once) to watch the snow falling. It’s stopped now, but the forecast is for more flurries for the next couple of days. I think we’ll all be stuck at home tomorrow because I don’t fancy slithering down snowy icy hills into Wellington to get to work and kindy.


The view from our dining room

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2 Responses to Snow in Wellington

  1. Gosh, snow in Kilbirnie – amazing!

    • Janettes says:

      We’re up in J’ville and we got a nice little dump yesterday afternoon. It’s been snowing all afternoon today, but it’s not settling much.

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