Teeth and teeth and still more teeth…

I’m very glad it’s Friday. This week has been a long, painful slog. The extraction on Saturday was bad enough, but then there’s the recovery phase, and I’m not sure but that’s worse. I spent the weekend with a swollen face, feeling squeamish about the pain in my mouth, swallowing antibiotics by the handful (just in case) and generally feeling like I’d been run over by several buses.

At the beginning of the week, the pain eased off, no need for painkillers, but I felt more and more miserable and headachy and dizzy. I woke up early Wednesday morning with spots in front of my eyes, tunnel vision, and horrible whirly dizziness. It was pretty scary, but I had just enough coherence left to figure out that I was reacting to the antibiotic and that my blood pressure had obviously gone unpleasantly low. The next morning, I phoned the dentist and we stopped the antibiotic and just stuck with the penicillin I’d also been taking. The damn things were only prophylactic anyway.

Things improved after that. And today I got the stitches out. Some sort of normalcy restored.

The problem with the tooth was caused by a weird thing called internal resorption whereby the tooth basically consumes itself. It’s very uncommon and usually occurs after some kind of trauma to the tooth, such as an accident or previous orthodontic work (and I was one of those poor kids who had teeth removed to create space and then braces to drag the remaining teeth into a new configuration). I may have to go through all this again with another tooth, which is showing early symptoms of the condition. Cross fingers for a miraculous recovery because I’d rather not do all this again.

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