Call and Response

Petra’s started an interesting new game with me. She says to me, “You’re a teapot.” And I say, “And you’re drinking tea from me.” Then we carry with Petra telling me I’m a variety of objects and me telling her what’s she’s doing with them, until Petra decides to take on both sides of the conversation. It goes something like this.
Petra: “You’re a car.” Me: “And you’re riding in me.”
Petra: “You’re a carseat.” Me: “And you’re sitting in me.”
Petra: “You’re clothing.” Me: “And you’re wearing me.”
Petra: “You’re a clothing store and I’m trying on your clothes.”
Petra: “You’re a tree and I’m climbing up your side.”
Petra: “You’re grass and I’m kicking a ball on you.”
Petra: “You’re a footpath and I’m running on you.”
Petra: “You’re a cafe and I’m eating your food.”

The game owes something to The Runaway Bunny, a book that Dinie gave us when Petra was a newborn. The bunny says he’s going to run away from home and become all kinds of things, but the mother bunny always finds a way to be with him. Petra thinks it’s lovely. She’s also drawing on “I’m a little teapot short and stout…” as well as all the things we pass on our drive to Travis’s work.

She’s using all these elements to express something very meaningful about the way she experiences our relationship. I notice that I’m a monumental, still object that safely contains or encloses her, and nourishes her in various ways, and that she’s very busy acting and doing in the space I provide. This is exactly what I hope to give her – safety and security and a comfortable space in which to grow and explore. So it’s lovely and encouraging to get this little glimpse of how she feels about what we do together.

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