Big Adventures

While I’ve been at home recovering from the tooth extraction, Travis and Petra have taken advantage of some wonderful winter weather to go exploring. Wellington has a very complex topography and there are huge areas of it we haven’t even seen yet.

Yesterday, they drove up the hills on the western side of Johnsonville to see what they could find. Travis wasn’t expecting much more than a lookout or a road that dead-ended in one of Wellington’s many raw subdivisions. What they found was much more fun. A road that took them all the way over the hill, down the other side, past a wind farm and a few flocks of sheep, to Makara Beach. It’s one of those great rugged beaches that you find all up and down the west coasts of both islands. I look forward to paying it a visit myself.

Makara Beach

Today, Travis and Petra went east, to Lyall Bay, over near the airport. East coast beaches are much more civilised affairs. They tend to have sand instead of stones and very little flotsam and jetsam because the prevailing wind is off-shore instead of on. Perfect for a small girl who wants to make sandcastles.

Girl on a mission


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2 Responses to Big Adventures

  1. Caitlin Kelly says:

    Cool shades on that girl!

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