Reading and Singing

I’m in the lounge, listening to Travis and Petra reading bedtime stories through the wall. Petra’s just taken a turn, singing “There Were 10 in the Bed” to Travis. We borrowed a book of the song from the library and she has it off by heart, unusual verbs and all.

Petra’s on her way to being able to read by some kind of osmosis. Her memory is fantastic – I missed out a Jean from a sentence in one of the library books this morning and she corrected me. And I added an extraneous “very” into a sentence in the same book and was corrected again. She’s also recognising patterns sufficiently well that she can identify particular clusters of letter shapes with specific words. We were looking through a sticker book yesterday and she read me the heading on one of the pages – ‘Singing Birds’ it was. She can also read some signs using her memory of colours and shapes. She points out Plunket signs wherever we go – the letters are red and yellow and blue, making them easier to remember.

She can also add and subtract. Again, not in any formal way. She simply does it without fanfare and without any visible counting or cogitating. I gave her a rice cracker this morning, then told her she was allowed to have four and handed her the packet. She pulled out three more crackers and handed the packet right back.

It’s so exciting and awe-inspiring to watch her suddenly knowing things and to watch the ease and fluency with which she acquires whole new disciplines and concepts. I wish I were half as clever as she is.

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4 Responses to Reading and Singing

  1. trayflow says:

    It is funny reading some of your blog entries lately. It is like you are writing them for me. Petra and Sofia sound similar in many ways. It is amazing how they soak up everything and you turn around and they are doing things you never thought possible.

    • Janettes says:

      🙂 It surprises me sometimes how much of what little kids do is developmental. I think Petra’s the most brilliant and clever and unique girl ever, but lots of her personal miracles and milestones are common to all kids.
      When is Sofia’s birthday? She and Petra must be pretty close together in age.

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