Murmurings in the night

We have a Primus account which allows us to have a Vancouver phone number wherever we may be. This has its advantages – cheap phone calls, more reliable than skype in places (Costa Rica…) where bandwidth is dodgy. But it also comes with some problems – spam, people assuming we’re in Canada and phoning at odd hours.

This morning, for example, we got a call at 4am. My contribution to things was to thrash around a bit and announce that the phone was ringing. I’m not at my best when I’m jolted awake. Fortunately, Travis was more functional and ran around to answer it. Turns out that it was a recruiter phoning from the UK. Travis was commendably polite, telling the recruiter that since we were in NZ, it was 4 in the morning, and could they send him an email.

Then we all had to try to go back to sleep, which took a while. Some time during the settling process, Petra put her arms around my neck and said, “I’m so happy.” I told her I loved her. She squeezed me tighter and said, “I love you too.” The middle of the night wake up seemed much more worthwhile after that.

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