This morning, The Dominion Post breathlessly revealed that today was Wellington’s coldest day of the year. Sample sentence: “Residents across the capital region awoke to frosted windscreens and biting air temperatures as low as zero degrees this morning.” As a former Dunedinite and especially as a former Canadian, the article made me smile. Wellington is windy as, but it’s most definitely not the chilliest place ever.

I did have to get out my library card to scrape the remnants of the frost off the windscreen before we left to drop Travis off at work, but there didn’t seem to be any frost to speak of on the roads by 8:30. And the morning chill was followed by one of those beautiful crisp calm bright winter days.

We had to deal with frosts more regularly when we lived in Dunedin. The first time Travis and I were confronted with a frozen windscreen there, I suggested that I go inside for a jug of lukewarm water to pour over the car. The look of horror on Travis’s face was wonderful. Accustomed as he is to a Canadian prairie winter, he just couldn’t imagine using water to clear the windscreen. So in deference to his sensibilities, we don’t pour, we scrape.

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2 Responses to Mid-Winter

  1. iamroewan says:

    Haha, that’s funny. I can imagine the look on Travis’ face. Once the temperature gets below -20 the last thing you do is pour water on anything outdoors, hot or not. But in Ontario where I grew up, I remember we did this often in the winter in milder temperatures such as just below zero. You plug in the kettle, get the water good and hot, then take the kettle outside and pour some on the iced-over car door locks and windshield.

    Don’t you have ice scrapers in New Zealand?

    • Janettes says:

      I’ve never bumped into an ice-scraper here. Even in the south, there are usually only a handful of frosts a winter (and in the north, a frost makes the news!), so they’re not really necessary…

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