Wellington Weather

We experienced our first full-on Wellington winter storm over the weekend. It lasted for a couple of days and featured gale force winds (they gusted to 120km an hour) and sideways rain. The noise made by the wind buffeting the house and rattling the trees and the rain beating on the windows was so loud on Sunday night that it disturbed my sleep. And we woke on Monday morning to discover that our recycling bin had the lost the battle against the elements and tipped over, spewing its contents all over our neighbour’s front yard. After I dropped Petra at kindy and Travis at work, I had the pleasure of coming home to pick it all up. Scrambling up and down a muddy bank picking up soggy paper and cardboard in the teeth of the wind and with rain squalls blowing by, wasn’t my optimal start to the week.

When I described my efforts to Travis and Petra later on, Travis pointed out that I’d been wombling (the wombles pick up litter on Wimbledon Common). “You even had a tidy bag,” he told me (I’d been foresightful enough to take a bag out with me to ease the collection process). Petra was charmed by the thought. Me, well not so much.

We did manage to fit in a walk between squalls, so all was not lost. Petra couldn’t walk against the wind so Travis carried her. And even for an adult, the wind was so strong that walking into it felt like wading thigh deep in water. Dunedin is a windy place, but Wellington has a whole other magnitude of weather. It’s wild and woolly and endlessly interesting, but not easy to navigate for the novice.

Here are a couple of pictures of us all rugged up for our outing.

Setting forth up the driveway

Travis and Petra and pram (we had to take the pram home before we went much further - the wind kept trying to carry it away.)

Petra and Janette

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2 Responses to Wellington Weather

  1. Cute pictures! Strange to hear you talk of winter storms when we’re in the middle of summer.

    • Janettes says:

      Thanks! I know – it’s very odd. I get homesick for the northern hemisphere about now every year when all my Canadian friends begin talking about beaches and holidays and barbeques, and posting beautiful pictures of Vancouver and surrounds.

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