Back to the Salt Mines

We’ve had my mum visiting for the last week, which has been nice for all of us. She’s a bit fragile and can’t do too much at once, but we managed to show her around the town a bit and have lunch out here, there, and everywhere. Petra loved having a visitor and was reluctant to let mum go home, urging her to change her plane tickets and stay for longer. The people at kindy heard all about our guest and Petra made sand pies and drinks especially for her today.

Mum was kind enough to look after Petra yesterday afternoon, and Travis and I got to sneak off to see a movie together, something we don’t get to do much these days. It was a real treat to hang out by ourselves. We saw Bridesmaids, which I found both funny and touching. It had some genuinely thoughtful things to say about friendships, and family, and relationships, in the midst of the gross-out humour, and jokes. It made me laugh, and tear up a little. So well worth a look.

Mum left this evening, so we’re back into ordinary life tomorrow. It’ll be a bit quiet without mum around, but it’ll also be nice to settle into our routines again. It’s been a hectic year so far, what with open homes and waiting to move and looking for a place to live, and then finally the move itself. I’m looking forward to a more mellow last half of 2011.

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