Missed the Party

Because we’re still recovering and I figured that Petra couldn’t cope with hordes of excitably, over-sugared four-year-olds, we skipped the birthday party Petra had been invited to. We stayed home instead and finished off the house arranging. Mum’s coming to stay on Monday, so we’re on a deadline.

We did fit in a walk round the neighbourhood and we found another cat. This one was a young tabby, eager to wrestle and play. Its reaction to Petra rushing up to it and patting its back, was to flop down and assume the play fight position. I would have fled, but it was made of sterner stuff.

We also got some dancing done. Even when your head hurts, Sam Cooke Live at the Harlem Square Club is very hard to resist. We did the twist while Petra jumped up and down and ran around the lounge. Her dancing is a tad more energetic than mine.

I saw the last set of the Wimbledon third round match between Andy Roddick and Feliciano Lopez. Lopez won. He played an awesome match, 57 winners, 7 unforced errors, 20odd aces – tough to do much against that sort of form. Feliciano Lopez is the most traditionally beautiful of the contingent of Spanish players – you could come to grief on his cheekbones. For myself, I prefer the less symmetrical and more diffident Nadal. Too much perfection is just too daunting. But here is Lopez (in the centre of the photo), for comparison purposes.

Tommy Robredo, Feliciano Lopez, David Ferrer - three of Spain's current crop of tennis players

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