Still Seedy After All These Years

Or after a couple of days anyway. Petra has perked up – she didn’t come looking for a nap in the afternoon, although she’s still finding life a bit more tragic and troublesome than usual. I’m unperky. Maybe by tomorrow, all will be well.

We walked along our street this afternoon to take some air, and to drop a misaddressed letter in the post box on the corner. Petra pushed her little pram with Helen the ragdoll perched in it, I meandered along beside her, and we were joined by a fat grey cat, so we were quite the procession. The cat was fun. He was most energetic – he ran alongside Petra’s pram, dashed up and down the bank, thrashed through the bush, and came back periodically to push his head at Petra’s legs, inviting her to pat him. He came all the way to the post box and all the way back home. We had to rush inside and close the door quickly to stop him coming in with us. It was all very neighbourly.

Our new house is much better for walking than our old one. We’re closer to the Johnsonville shops, there are parks and sports fields all around, and the hills aren’t quite as steep. Petra’s very keen on going out for walks and adventures these days, so I’m glad to find that we have lots of options here.

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