The View from Here

Our new house is nicely elevated so that we can see across the valley into Johnsonville. I like living on the side of a hill and having a prospect. It’s comforting somehow, possibly because I’m reminded of the places I lived as a child.

If I can find a USB cable amongst the wreck, I’ll post a picture.

We’re semi-unpacked now; we’ve got most all of the kitchen stuff safely into drawers and cupboards, I’ve put all the clothes I could find into their drawers and wardrobes, and I’ve filled a couple of shelves with books. But we still have more boxes of books to unpack, linen to find a home for, and a general litter of old baby clothes, sports equipment, and random assorted stuff, to sort out. Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow….

I found a USB cable… It was a damp, foggy day in the capital, so the view is not as expansive as it would be on a sunny day, but the bushiness of the neighbourhood is plain to see.

Johnsonville hills hiding in a good thick Wellington fog

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2 Responses to The View from Here

  1. Gorgeous! How are you liking NZ after Costa Rica? Bit of a change…

    • Janettes says:

      Just a bit! New Zealand is home for me, so it’s nice and easy to be back. Costa Rica was exotic and interesting and I miss the chaos and liveliness of it. I don’t miss the bugs though….

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