Housing Quality or Not….

We spent the day, or most of the day, since Petra needed a trip to the Khandallah playground to play on the flying fox, and Travis and I needed a trip to Starbucks, cleaning up our new place and moving the first loads of stuff over there.

The place was surprisingly grubby once I started looking hard so it took some time and a bit of elbow grease to beat the kitchen into shape. Travis and Petra washed and vacuumed floors, while I scrubbed. And we lugged a few random items into the spare room for sorting later.

After the pain that was this house hunt, I think I want to own my own house, a new house, one that we build. A brand spanking new house would be clean and dry and properly insulated. Unlike all the houses we’ve been encountering recently. Even our current house, which is a paragon among rental properties in this area, has musty-smelling cupboards. And, to my dismay, Travis thinks that the spare bedroom of our new place smells slightly damp. New Zealand has one of the highest rates of childhood asthma in the world, and I’m not surprised, given the poor quality of the housing. Damp, cold, and mould are not good for respiratory health.

A new house should be a much more pleasant and sanitary environment because it would have double-glazing, insulation in the walls, as well as the ceiling and floor, and be correctly oriented for the sun. And it wouldn’t have the accumulated grime of years embedded in carpets and kitchen and bathroom.

Thus endeth my complaint for the day.

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