Have Keys Will Travel

We collected the keys for our new flat tonight. The landlords have kindly given them to us a couple of days early. I plan to clean and vacuum and drop off a few small and/or fragile things between now and the weekend.

This is only a tiny move – the smallest one I’ve done for about ten years – but it still requires organisation to make sure I remember to do everything. I’ve got my lists and I’m checking them twice. Today was given to arranging movers and calling Telecom and Mercury Energy to transfer our utilities.

Making phone calls is not easy with Miss Petra in residence. She objects to me ignoring her and reacts by singing and yowling and generally making it as difficult as possible for me to hear the person on the other end of the phone. And once I’m on the phone, there’s not much I can do to shut her up, so she gets a clear run at being rowdy.

I must be a trial for the call centre people because I’m apt to suddenly start saying random things to Petra like “just a minute darling,” and “be quiet please.” I’m sure that’s disconcerting. I’m also intermittently deaf when Petra gets particularly loud and that forces me to ask the poor people to repeat themselves over and over. By the time I was finished with the Telecom guy, I was feeling very harried and Petra was pissed because I’d suggested she go to her room and sing. “I’m so unhappy because I only want to sing right here,” she told me. I’ve yet to think of a suitable reply to that.

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4 Responses to Have Keys Will Travel

  1. iamroewan says:

    I hesitate to say it (no parent likes to get parenting comments from a non-parent) but she sounds spoiled!

    • Janettes says:

      Yes, commenting on kids is a sensitive issue. I have all kinds of thoughts about this, about kids and their behaviour, so I’m going to write a whole new post for you about preschoolers….

  2. At least your distractions are human. My mom (a very sweet lady) interrupts our phone conversations to talk to her cats!

    • Janettes says:

      Funny! My aunt, also a lovely lady, does this as well. She’ll break off to coo at her dog or gush over the great bruiser of a cat who rules their house.

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