New Zealand Bugs

Local Wildlife

I found this enormous creature on the gate yesterday. The body alone is a good couple of inches long and is easily as thick as my little finger. God knows what it is. It’s still lurking around on the gate today and I’m keeping a wary eye on it each time I pass it by on the way to the clothesline with my armloads of washing. It doesn’t seem particularly fast-moving and it’s obviously injured and missing a leg, but even so its sheer bulk makes me a tad nervous.

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6 Responses to New Zealand Bugs

  1. trayflow says:

    At first I thought cricket but it has a back like an earwig. Is it this?
    Something that falls here I am guessing. It looks like things I find at my house 🙂

    • Janettes says:

      Good spotting – that’s exactly what it is. A Wellington tree weta. It must be specific to this area. I certainly never met anything like it in Dunedin.

  2. iamroewan says:

    Your post made me curious so I did some quick online research and I decided it was probably a Tree Weta. The article I found says “has strong jaws, could bite if cornered.” I also found out New Zealand has quite a few *large* bugs.

    • Janettes says:

      I took a look and it has quite big mandibles. I’ll make sure I don’t get too close to them!
      I did some reading about wetas as well – the giant ones look like something out of a horror movie. Apparently they serve about the same function as a mouse in the local ecosystem and are about the size of a mouse as well. I just hope I don’t bump into one on a dark night! The tree weta’s about as big as I can manage.

  3. estherlou says:

    GROSS! I can’t stand bugs! EEEWW! I’d be wary also! If they came in the house I’d have to move out! LOL

    • Janettes says:

      As long as it’s not a spider or something that runs really fast, I can cope. Wetas are enormous, but not too speedy and not prone to coming inside (or so I hope!), so I’ll manage. A really big spider in my lounge though, and I’d be outside quick smart.

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