Rites of Passage

We had our first bout of night-time vomiting last night. I’ve heard all the horror stories, but Petra’s never had any kind of stomach bug, until now. I’m able to be remarkably functional in the middle of the night these days. I ran around changing sheets, finding clean clothes, and offering comfort and soothing, and remained pretty alert while doing so.

I’m paying for it today though with a headache and a general fuzziness of brain. Petra woke up as chipper as ever – totally unfazed by the night’s alarms and excursions. She insisted on going to kindy and was happy to stay there by herself while I came home to gather all her outside gear. And she played happily, with no signs of the stress fatigue can cause.

Petra’s come a huge distance since the beginning of the first term. She’s able to play alongside groups of children and copes much better with the tricky politics of sharing space and toys. She talks confidently to Louise and Heather (two of the teachers) and is happy to hang out with them instead of me, even when I’m floating around. And, she’s beginning to play outside without needing an adult by her. I don’t think that it’ll be too long before she’s ready to stay on her own.

The arrival of all the newcomers is helping her I think, because she can see the difference between her knowledge of and familiarity with kindy and theirs. She told me yesterday that she’s not new anymore; she’s old. She’s playing lots of kindy games at home as well, introducing toys as new kids and helping them familiarise themselves with kindy. It’s fascinating to watch her progress through these childhood issues that loom so large for her.

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