Happy Mother’s Day

I had a most excellent start to the day this morning. Petra and Travis brought me breakfast in bed. I had porridge and a muffin, a mandarin, and some orange juice, all artfully arranged on a tray. Petra was so excited about it that she woke up early and had to be dissuaded from prying my eyes open at just after 7 to give me my treat. She managed to hold out until just after 8, which was a good effort on her (and Travis’s) part. She snuggled in beside me while I ate, asking “Do you love it? Is it lovely?” over and over again. I did love it and it was lovely.

Petra’s so enthusiastic about the small treats and events in her life that it’s a real pleasure and delight to share them with her. And it’s been a weekend of events.

As well as mother’s day, we had Travis’s birthday yesterday. His birthday isn’t actually until Monday, but Petra couldn’t wait any longer. She need, need, needed to make and eat the chocolate cake. So we did some baking in the afternoon, sprinkled the cake with icing sugar and decorated it with candles, then Travis blew out the candles and made a wish “inside his head” so no one else would know. We jumped out at him and yelled surprise and handed over his present and sang happy birthday. Petra thought it was all wonderful.

Three year olds are so much fun. You don’t know about that until you have a child of your own, or at least I didn’t know. But small children are wonderful. They’re excited and demonstrative, enormously creative and intelligent, and kind and loving. They’re also demanding and noisy and inclined to lie on the floor and thrash when things don’t go according to plan, but that’s actually all part of their anarchic charm.

I’ve been spending 8 hours a week at kindy with Petra recently and the kids just melt my heart when they do things like open their bags to show me the juice they have stashed away for a home-time treat, or wander over to lean against my legs for a rest while they decide what to do next.

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