I visited the optometrist this afternoon. She shone lights in my eyes, waved lenses and blinkers in front of them, had me read letters off a wall chart over and over, then finished by dripping anaesthetic drops and dye in my eyes (which was not pleasant – Petra said “Why do you look worried, Mama?” as I was scrunching up my face and blinking away the tears the drops caused) and taking photos of my retinas. My eyes felt a tad overworked afterwards.

The upshot of all the mistreatment is that I’m long-sighted and my eyes are having trouble focussing on close-up work. It’s not the classic trouble switching focus from distant to close images of middle-age – I’ve still got that ahead of me.

I’m getting some glasses for reading and using the computer – they should arrive in a week or so. I say bring them on. I hate not being able to read much.

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