Missed Again and Canadian Election Results

I totally forgot about putting up a post yesterday. This whole eye strain thing is really doing me in. Just as well that I have an appointment at the optometrist tomorrow afternoon. It’s a sad state of affairs, but I’m looking forward to acquiring some glasses. I just can’t survive without being able to read; I don’t know what to do with myself.

In other news – the Conservatives won an outright majority in the Canadian election and the NDP are now the official opposition. The Bloc and the Liberals were decimated – both leaders were in trouble in their own seats last time I checked. Crazy stuff. As The Globe and Mail‘s reporting has it:

Canadian voters have radically redrawn the country’s political landscape, handing the Conservative Party its long-sought majority in an election that decimated the Bloc Québécois and humbled the Liberals.

For the first time in history, the New Democratic Party will form the Official Opposition after an extraordinary breakthrough that propelled the party to more than 100 seats.

The Canadian electorate has been very canny in the last couple of elections – removing the Liberals from power while denying the Conservatives an outright majority. But this time round voters have been much more flamboyant, giving both the right and the left big increases, and abandoning the centre. It’s an intriguing result. I wonder what Stephen Harper will do with his majority. He’s obviously done a good job of not frightening the horses to this point, or Canadians (who are in my estimation a basically centre-left bunch) wouldn’t have voted for him. It’ll be interesting to see whether he decides to unleash the right-wing hounds and risk scaring off mainstream voters.

Read these numbers and weep if you’re a Bloc or Liberal supporter:
NDP 102

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2 Responses to Missed Again and Canadian Election Results

  1. ginalw says:

    I for one am interested to see what the future holds for us now, even if I’m not all that pleased with a Conservative majority.

    • Janettes says:

      Yes, should be an interesting few months in Canadian politics. I wonder whether the Liberals will be able to regroup or not. Their time might be over and that is a huge shift.

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