The housing conundrum

We have melted ourselves with the fire once again. It’s hot enough that I’m feeling a bit breathless. It’s nasty outside – sideways rain beating against the windows, wind rattling the door and shaking the flue – but it’s not as cold as it seems like it ought to be. We get caught out, expecting Dunedin-style southerly chill. It never gets quite that cold here – it never gets hot either, but that’s another story.

The main business of today was open homes. I fear the blog is going to devolve into an exhaustive tour of Wellington’s northern suburbs and the edges of Lower Hutt, complete with descriptions of micro-climates and school zones and the trendiness quotient of the various areas. But here goes anyway. We explored a couple of new areas this afternoon. We looked at another Maungaraki house that I would just never want to live in – it was too small, a bit down-at-heel, and vaguely musty-smelling – but is all we can afford up there. And then beat a retreat to the flat ground of Lower Hutt. We went all the way across the valley, over the Hutt River, almost to the steep eastern hills. It turns out that the houses are bigger and flasher and the prices are lower over there. And to our untrained eyes, the vibe is better than up in Maungaraki which is windswept and raw and empty. But, there must be a reason for the lower prices – Fairfield, Epuni, Moara, and Waiwhetu obviously aren’t as desirable as the suburbs on the western hills. We need to do some more research.

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