Sleep, who needs it?

Today has been a tad haphazard. I was up too late last night, up again too early this morning, and awake too long in the middle of the night trying to persuade Petra that it wasn’t time to get up. I think I had about three hours sleep. Takes me back to being the parent of a newborn, it does. I’ve been surprisingly functional through the day though. Coping with almost no sleep is one of the first skills you acquire when you go home from the hospital with your newborn. It’s a lesson I could have done without, but I’ve learned it well.

We looked at a couple of open homes today, which was a thoroughly dispiriting exercise. $400,000 odd for a pre-fab house that was built elsewhere and plopped on a concrete slab in the middle of 20 other almost identical houses. And all crammed in a space that’s really not suitable for more than half that number. Disappointing. We’re planning to hit another couple of open homes tomorrow – maybe we’ll see something nicer then.

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