It’s My Party…

Today is my birthday – the answer to the meaning of life is mine.

Petra was the party planner for the day. I had to leave the lounge and stand in the hall way while Petra and Travis hid. Then I went back into the room and they jumped out to meet me yelling “Surprise!” We ate chocolate cake and at Petra’s urging I blew out candles and made a wish in my head so no one else would know. And we played pass the parcel and ate the chocolate fish Travis and Petra had hidden in the paper.

I do not have the constitution to party like a pre-schooler. I’m feeling a tad queasy from all the chocolate and am currently drinking tea in an effort to soothe my wounded digestive system.

But, it was fun to party with Petra. She’s so enthusiastic and so serious about her enthusiasm. And it’s clear that the parties we’ve given her were really fun for her. She’s replicating them for us because she enjoyed them so much herself. She’s just lovely.

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