20 Questions

Petra’s coming up with increasingly complex questions these days, taxing Mama’s brain in the process.

Things like:
1) Why do bananas go yellow when they get ripe?
2) What do weasels do?
3) How does the moon get up in the sky? And why does it move?
4) What lives in the sea? What else? What else? What else?
5) What lives in caves?
6) Why is the sea different colours?
7) Why are sting rays flat?
8 ) What do fish eat? And horses? And cats? and dogs?
9) Where do birds poo? And fish? And cows?
10) Why is ice cream cold?
11) Why do ice blocks melt?
12) Where do bears live – forest or jungle?
13) Is a forest hot, or is a jungle hot?
14) Why are snakes bigger than worms?
15) How old was I when I was little?
16) How big was I?
17) What do babies do?
18) When will I be big?
19) How old are you? How old is Daddy?
20) What’s the name of my grandad? My grandma? My Nanny? What’s the name of your Mama? Your Dad? Your grandma?
21) Who looked after you when you were a baby?
22) Who looked after me when you were a baby? This one gets us into very tricky existential waters indeed.

She’s also very fond of lists and asks questions designed to elicit lots of answers.
1) Who do you love? Who else? Who else?
2) Where do you love me? Where else?
3) What are the names of my kindy friends? Of Daddy’s work friends?

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5 Responses to 20 Questions

  1. Jackie Paulson 1966 says:

    Loved your background is it yours? How did you do it? Thanks for the post today.

  2. Janettes says:

    Thanks! Yes, the background is mine – it’s a picture of my bookshelves. I just added my own photo to the background section (under appearance on the dashboard).

  3. iamroewan says:

    Jeez, some of these are *hard* questions! I need to think up some like these for my supervisor. E.g., Who reads these inventory request forms that I fill out? What do they do as a result? And then what? And…so…how do I get more inventory actually ordered?

    • Janettes says:

      Yes, Petra doesn’t take anything at face value – she questions everything. Funny how you just stop doing that as you age and accept things without wondering. Unleash your inner preschooler on your supervisor – he/she won’t know what hit them!

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