Accused killer’s family ‘bewildered’

Accused killer’s family ‘bewildered’ – National – NZ Herald News.

This story is like the plot of one of those Golden Age mysteries in which one of a small group of people is murdered and the murderer is a family member or close friend.  The victim was shot last year and the police have spent nine months searching for the killer.  Yesterday, they arrested the victim’s brother-in-law (his sister’s husband).  They all worked together on the family farms and all the families are closely connected.

Various family members have given eloquent, heart-breaking interviews about the difficulties they’ve had knowing that they’re all suspects and one of them may be a murderer, and about the new tangle of emotions caused by the arrest.

This kind of scenario is fun when written by Agatha Christie or Georgette Heyer or Dorothy Sayers.  But just horrendous as a real-life situation.

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