To flush or not to flush?

To flush or not to flush? |

The latest in Moata’s series of posts about life in Christchurch after the earthquake.  Today, she’s having problems with toilet-flushing etiquette.

The water and sewerage systems in Christchurch are severely damaged and even after all this time, plumbing is a tricky issue.

I see pictures of the devastated central city, and read about the ongoing difficulties Christchurch residents face, but I don’t really understand.  It’s impossible to comprehend what it’s like to go on living in a city where all the usual structures and routines of daily life have disappeared.

I’d actually like to visit, as a gesture of solidarity, and as a way to get some understanding of what it’s like to be there.  But turning into a disaster tourist is not an option, so I’ll remain safely in Wellington, and wonder.

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4 Responses to To flush or not to flush?

  1. iamroewan says:

    On an intellectual level, I think I can understand how difficult and frustrating it is in Christchurch but well…all the angst over whether or not to flush and how to deal with and even how to talk about human waste problems is beyond me. I grew up on a farm with animals producing prodigous amounts of solid and liquid waste that had to be dealt with daily, often with shovels and pitchforks. I remember when we had the first flush toilet installed in our home and I attended a one-room schoolhouse with pit toilets until I was 12 years old. Ok, I do dislike using an unflushed toilet in a public restroom but it`s not really that awful. I agree with Moata`s idea about everyone posting signs suggesting when and when not to flush. It`s sensible and might help give people that extra little bit of permission they need to break a social convention.

    • Janettes says:

      Living on a farm gives you a whole different perspective doesn’t it. I didn’t live on a farm, but I did live in the country and I really noticed that the town kids I went to high school with just didn’t know about the world around them the way I did. And they stayed clean – I didn’t…..

  2. iamroewan says:

    I should have done it before I posted my comment above but I just read through all the comments on Moata`s blog post. Apparently there *are* plenty of people who have no trouble at all discussing toilet matters!

    • Janettes says:

      I was surprised about the squeamishness on display as well. Not wanting to see other people’s pee and being unwilling to ask them about their flushing preferences seems a bit excessive. But obviously the more robust types came out later in the comment thread. 🙂

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