Houses, Houses, and More Houses

I stayed up way too late and got the first draft of my homework finished. Thank god for that. It needs reviewed, but that’s much easier than getting words into an empty document. Tomorrow, while Petra’s at kindy, I’ll get it sorted.

Our Sundays have a regular pattern at the moment. We clean and tidy in the morning, then go out for lunch and an adventure with Petra while the open home is on. Today, we split our time between fun for Petra and fun for us. We went to the Khandallah playground so Petra could ride the flying fox a few times. Then we trekked off to Aotea, a new suburb growing out of the hills above Porirua Harbour, to look at a Stonewood show home. It turns out that Aotea Drive is where all the building companies hawk their wares – there were so many houses to look at that we ran out of legs before we ran out of homes.

The Stonewood house was the nicest. I’m usually unenthused about new houses because they’re so often bland and crammed, but this one had high ceilings and reasonable-sized bedrooms. I’m a convert. Now, I just need to become a rich convert and we’ll be set.

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2 Responses to Houses, Houses, and More Houses

  1. iamroewan says:

    Mmm, I like this design. It’s practical, roomy and has lots of big windows.

    • Janettes says:

      Yes, it’s a really nicely laid out family home, and the tall windows in the living areas really jazz it up (as well as letting in lots of sun).

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