Today’s Post is Brought to You By the Letter ‘D’

‘D’ for deadline, doom and d’oh, and hopefully also for done and dusted.

And by Nature’s Cuppa Organic Ceylon Tea, which is, so the box informs me, “Australia’s No. 1 selling organic tea!’

I’ve been working on my homework today in between playing with Petra and doing loads of washing. Wittering on about bigamist Tony and his unfortunate wives Elsa and Lulu until I’m sick of the sight of them. For me, composition always involves drinking lots of tea and pacing around and wandering off to fold laundry or eat apples while the next piece of the writing percolates. To the outside observer, I probably don’t look like I’m getting anything done because I do more walking than sitting in front of the computer.

Despite the interruptions, self-induced and otherwise, I’ve managed to mostly finish the latest set of exercises. I have about 300 words and some revising to go. The revising is difficult because I’ve read it over so many times in quick succession that I’m only seeing what I want to see, not necessarily what’s there. That’s what trying to rush through the work will do for you – no time for leisurely revision after a decent break to let it settle.

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