Targetting Beneficiaries

A government-appointed task force recently released a report that advocated, among other things, that single mothers be pushed onto long-term contraceptives to stop them having more children. It disappeared from the headlines after the earthquake in Christchurch, but it’s still quietly percolating (or should that be fermenting?) in the backrooms of the Beehive. They won’t adopt the most radical of the suggestions, but the report writers’ assumption that beneficiaries are a reckless, feckless, spendthrift bunch who need to be kicked around for their own good, will be the assumption underlying any welfare reform. It’s a frightening shift.

Tapu Misa has sensible things to say about the callousness and stupidity underlying the report.

But even if the working group’s every premise about beneficiaries is right, they would still be missing the point.

When things go wrong, we need a system that responds to people as individuals – human beings with real needs and struggles who deserve our help – and not as some amorphous, faceless group of people intent on cheating us.

Tapu Misa: Beneficiaries easy target for cattle prod – National – NZ Herald News.

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2 Responses to Targetting Beneficiaries

  1. iamroewan says:

    It’s like saying all law-breakers should be thrown in jail, the mentally ill and physically disabled should be sterilized, children who fidget in the classroom should be drugged, immigrants are a drain on the economy, old people shouldn’t drive…makes me angry.

    • Janettes says:

      Yes, me too. It’s such a paranoid, punitive way to think about people. Assume they’re out to get you, and then make sure to get them first.

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