WordPress Outage and Gandalf

WordPress was unavailable for a fair portion of the day because of some technical issues that I didn’t bother to find out about. I had ideas for a couple of longish posts, but I’ll save them for a day without outages. Instead, I’ll just point everyone at Sir Ian McKellen’s blog. He’s here in Wellington to begin filming on The Hobbit and is keeping a blog for the duration.

I’ve enjoyed him ever since I saw him in Richard III – a labour of love that managed to combine Shakespeare and tanks into one, virtuoso film. So it was a pleasure to stumble upon his website this afternoon and read about what he’s up to, knowing that he’s working just across the harbour from me.

17 March 2011

Today I was in various places which are all the same place.

I was on flat land the Maori called Whataitai until renamed in 1872, Miramar, or “Behold the Sea,” which is indeed nearby.

I was in Stone Street Studios in the heart of a modern suburb, with some light industry.

In fact, I was in an old paint factory, which I knew ten years back as the main film studio for The Lord of the Rings. Inside was the new set for Bag End, including a bedroom and pantry.

And I was there too, in Hobbiton, with a semi-circle of dwarves and Bilbo, their reluctant host.

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