Daily Photo: Dancing Shoes

Petra has herself some fancy new red shoes. She was so pleased with them that she wore them to bed. I had to promise to leave them on the bedside table for her to get her to take them off. And as soon as she got up this morning, she put them on again. And why not – they’re awesome. They’re a funky American brand called See Kai Run. We found them when we first moved back to New Zealand and this new pair is the fourth pair Petra’s owned. They’re not the cheapest shoe ever, but they last and last, are very comfortable and well-designed, and Petra can easily take them on and off herself. And, they’re thoroughly cute.

Noughts and Crosses

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2 Responses to Daily Photo: Dancing Shoes

  1. trayflow says:

    They are gorgeous. I vaguely remember this brand. Must look into it though. Sofia would adore these!

    • Janettes says:

      Yes, Petra loves them. The sensible winter shoes I wanted her to consider didn’t even get a look in! I think they have an online stockist in Australia.

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