Daily Photo: Beautiful Dunedin

Here are a couple of photos of the lovely old house my hairdresser lives in. His salon is round the back, in what used to be the scullery. He’s made it into a lovely light-filled room that looks out on the carefully manicured garden. Back in the day, it would have been a dark, skinny space with very few windows and no heat, where the poor house maids washed the family’s laundry by hand in huge tubs.

My hairdresser's home

And Again

And here are a couple of bonus pictures of Dunedin Harbour from the top of Russell Street – just round the corner from the hairdresser’s house.

Russell Street

Dunedin Harbour from Russell Street

I’m learning dutifully to like Wellington, in the same way that I learned to like Vancouver. But I love Dunedin. I find it endlessly beautiful – the bright sharp light, the precise blue of the harbour, the old houses, and the carefully-tended gardens are all just right. A clear day here makes my spirits rise in a way that I’ve never experienced anywhere else (except maybe in the Mediterranean).

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