‘I want a baby brother.’

Petra told me the other day that she would like a little brother. She told me that he could get “borned” and we could collect him from the hospital. She ran around excitedly collecting baby toys – she thought soft blocks and small soft toys would work, and she even managed to find a cute wooden rattle.

She was still enthusiastically discussing the hypothetical little brother yesterday. We chatted about what babies eat. He would have breast milk from my boobies I told her. “But your boobies aren’t full up with milk.” she said. I told her that when you have a baby, you get milk again, and explained that the baby would be able to use my boobies just like she had. This caused her enthusiasm for a baby brother to wane markedly. She may not be breastfeeding any more but she’s still very proprietary about my breasts. When she was a tiny baby, she would cough a special breastfeeding cough to signal that it was time for a drink. The cough is no more, but she still has a hoarse little laugh that she only uses when she gets near my breasts. And, she still pats them, talks to them, and gets all helplessly floppy and besotted about them. She’s definitely a boob girl.

Sharing her toys is one thing; sharing Mama is a whole other deal.

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2 Responses to ‘I want a baby brother.’

  1. iamroewan says:

    Do you think the baby brother idea is something she’s picked up at kindy? Being childless myself, I’ve always found how they pick up ideas and concepts very mysterious and interesting.

    • Janettes says:

      Maybe kindy, or from books. Watching her mind expand is fascinating. I can see her working things out, learning from the books she reads and the songs we sing and from watching the people around her. She’s able to extrapolate and come up with really clever stuff by herself. And she’s surprisingly wise for such a wee thing. She’s definitely the smartest and busiest person in our house.

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