A Post At Random (Updated)

The news coverage of the earthquake has shifted to wrenching first-hand accounts of survival of the shaking and the ongoing struggle with the aftermath.

The day the earth roared | Stuff.co.nz. This is a vivid and moving description of Tuesday afternoon, describing the dislocation, shock, and fear everyone experienced.

I’m moved by how brave, resourceful, loving, and gracious most people are under such duress. I’m also moved by the enormous amount of international support Christchurch is receiving. Police, army, USAR teams have rushed here from all over the world – Australia, the UK, the US, Japan, China, Singapore, among others.

But, I’m saturated by the horror of it. Time to stop obsessively reading updates on stuff.co.nz and the tvnz website. Drowning myself in it isn’t particularly useful to me or anyone around me.

In that spirit, here’s something completely different. Each week I read the Vows section of The New York Times. I love the stories about how people get together, the twists and turns of the relationships, as well as the glimpses of the alien country that is the New York dating scene with its exotic tribes and arcane rituals. The photo accompanying today’s lead article really appeals to me. The light turns the bride into a finely-sculpted and beautifully elegant statue surrounded by mortal flesh.

Leora Klein and Emmanuel Werthenschlag (Photo by Tina Fineberg for The New York Times)

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