Books, books, and bookcases

Just a little light post for a Friday afternoon. Petra wants me to stick stickers, so I have no time for anything more meaningful.

We’ve managed to fit ourselves into our Wellington house but it required some careful stacking. And my recent book-buying binge hasn’t helped. Fortunately, years of practice mean that I’m pretty good at cramming bookcases. Here are the results of my latest efforts, complete with extra Petra-introduced clutter.

Lounge bookcase number 1

And 2

And 3

And, the leftovers in our bedroom

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4 Responses to Books, books, and bookcases

  1. trayflow says:

    We have a wee problem with books as well. The trouble is that we have no place for shelves at the moment. Therefore, there are probably ten boxes of books in the garage I haven’t even opened. I need to get them sorted but keep avoiding it! I need more time to read so I can get through some of them and then share them…library, charity, etc. Do you keep up reading what you buy or do you have loads of unread books around?

    • Janettes says:

      I did a big cull before we moved here and I lost several hundred to must and mould in my mother’s garage (I’m still mourning their loss), so my collection is as small as it’s ever been right now. Just as well because there’s no room for any more.
      I’ve got a few unread books floating around – about 10 maybe. But the rest have all been read and, in many cases, reread. I try not to keep books that I know I don’t want to read again.

  2. iamroewan says:

    Lots of room for more, you’ve barely started to double stack them. And there are no piles of books on the floor yet, at least none that you’ve shown in pictures!

    Do you have a system for organizing them? Alphabetical by author? Subject? By how much you like the book? Size? Colour?

    • Janettes says:

      There are a few stacks in my wardrobe and by my bed. But they’re not too out of control yet. The big bookcase lends itself to double stacking – we had two rows on every shelf in Vancouver – so you’re right, I can buy anther 100-150 books before I really overflow – yay!!
      They arranged by type of book – non-fiction, children/YA, mysteries, general fiction/literature – and then alphabetized. Yes, I’m a tad anal!!

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