The times, they are a changin’

My writing brain has gone on hiatus today. All that heavy lifting it did yesterday, working on permission and parenting has temporarily done it in. So, I’m just going to tell you what Petra and I did this morning.

We drove into town with Travis, went to Starbucks, and then walked Travis round the corner to his office just as usual. What we did next was pretty exciting though, at least for Petra. We went to the Ticketek office in the Michael Fowler Centre and bought ourselves three tickets for the Wiggles (who are touring New Zealand in April). Petra wanted Daddy to come and he’s kindly agreed to take a couple of hours off work to join us. I think he might need to go back to work afterward wearing a Wiggles hat or t-shirt or something…

Petra’s planning to meet the whole cast and show them the card she intends to make for them. I hope she’s not too disappointed when she finds out that we’re sitting miles away from the stage and don’t have a hope in hell of interacting with any of them. Probably the excitement of attending her very first concert will be entertainment enough.

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