Planes and Houses

Today was a travel day for Petra and me. This morning I was on Dunedin’s main street buying cherries in the sunshine. This evening I’m in Wellington sitting in my lounge in almost tropical-feeling heat and humidity. In between times Petra and I caught the 5pm plane to Wellington with all the commuters. The food on that flight is better than it is on the earlier flights and Petra made sure she ate everything that came her way – she scoffed cheese, grapes, crackers, hummus, and bagel chips. She also ate the cherry tomatoes, cucumber, and red pepper that I’d packed. She’s currently trying to go to sleep in the damp stifling air of pre-storm Wellington. I don’t envy her the task.

Despite the clamminess, it’s good to come back to our tidy, organised house – we beat it into shape over New Year and it has stayed in surprisingly good order. We’ve decided that we’re going to stick it out here until it sells, taking advantage of the cheaper rent the landlord has offered us, and hoping that the eventual purchaser might like to keep it tenanted.

We have a couple of reasons for our decision. Petra starts kindy in a couple of weeks and it seems unfair (and potentially discombobulating) to move house just as she’s adjusting to such a big change in her routine. And a look through the property listings in the price range we can afford in the suburbs we like was thoroughly dispiriting – lots of dingy dives, not a lot of reasonable houses – leading me to think that if there’s a possibility that we can stay where we are, we should at least give ourselves that opportunity. If the new owners don’t want tenants, we’ll have six weeks to find somewhere else to live – plenty of time she says stoutly.

We will, however, keep looking at the rental accommodation listings just in case something fabulous turns up in the interim. Because fabulous is always a good thing….

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