Bloody Hell

Travis got an email from our landlord advising us in careful and lengthy circumlocutions (our landlord is a marketing guy and knows from finessing an unpalatable statement) that he’s decided to sell the house when our lease expires in February.

That is a real bugger for us. We’ve only just moved in, we were just getting the house in some kind of order, and now we’re faced with doing it all again. Good rental properties that are big enough, cheap enough, and close enough to town are not exactly thick on the ground in Wellington, so we’re faced with a tricky search for something suitable.

We were always planning to move on from Johnsonville to a more walkable, liveable suburb, so I suppose we can view this as an incentive to find a nicer place sooner than we otherwise would. Without this push, inertia, and a disinclination to pack up yet again, would have kept us in Johnsonville for at least another year, despite its drawbacks.

And continuing in that Pollyanna-ish strain, maybe, just maybe, we will find a lovely house in the right location and in our price range without an exhaustive and exhausting search. Cross fingers and toes….

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