Post Christmas

My favourite part of Christmas begins late afternoon on Christmas Day. The presents have been opened, the food has been eaten, and there’s nothing left to do but relax. The pressure’s off – it’s holiday time.

This mellow feeling persists even if you happen to be working between Christmas and New Year like Travis. The whole of Wellington is taking a break, basking in the summer sun. The traffic that plagues the commuter for the rest of the year has vanished. Most of the town’s inhabitants have gone off to the beach or bach or some other summer place. And those who are left meander peaceably through the quiet streets, or lounge in cafes.

Out here in the ‘burbs people water their lawns and play with their Christmas goodies. It’s all very soothing and somnolent.

We have a four day weekend this weekend and a short week to follow. Real life won’t begin again until Jan 10, when all but the most privileged workers will be back about their business.

I plan to enjoy the holiday feeling while it lasts!

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