Catching the Wellington/Picton ferry turned out to be a pain. We were delayed both times and the actual sailing time was much longer than advertised both times. If you’re on a tight schedule, or in a big hurry, the ferry is not for you.

But it was fun to cruise through Wellington’s huge harbour and then into the Marlborough Sounds. Petra certainly enjoyed the adventure of it all.

On the upper deck of the Santa Regina

Posing Petra

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2 Responses to Cruising

  1. iamroewan says:

    Weather delays? I looked at the interislander web site, it looks like a very scenic voyage. I would very much like to try out this ferry *when* I come visit (someday…) Is it similar to BC Ferries?

    • Blog Owner says:

      Yes, there was a big storm over central NZ the night before we crossed. Gale force winds and lots of rain. The strait can get pretty rough (it’s much less protected than the routes around Vancouver) and the wind slowed the ferries as well. It was calm by the time we sailed but they were still trying to catch up.
      It’s quite a lot like travelling on the BC ferries, but on a smaller scale. Wellington’s harbour is beautiful and so are the sounds. We saw dolphins on the way down which was pretty exciting.

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