Lunch Order

Me: What do you want for lunch, Petra?
Petra: The squashiest food me never have.
She had hash browns. I think she might be teething. Maybe those last four molars are about to show up at last. That would explain why she’s been so so tired for the past few days. She keeps telling me that I’ve worn her out. And she’s got horrible black and purple marks around her eyes.

In fact she’s so tired that she’s having a nap – something she hasn’t done since the first couple of months of kindy wore her out. I decided to let her sleep even though we’ll pay for it at bedtime.

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2 Responses to Lunch Order

  1. trayflow says:

    Sofia is working on her last molar now. They all gave her loads of trouble which, in turn made trouble for us. Poor kiddies! I hope they come in quickly and don’t cause her too much pain.

    • Janette says:

      Ah the joys of teething! Petra still has all four of those back molars to get. And, I imagine they’ll be a pain for her, and for us, because teething has always given her grief. We’re into the red face, tiredness and crotchetiness, and upset stomach part of the process. Cross fingers that it doesn’t last long for her.

      My GP told me that teething doesn’t bring anything but teeth – no other symptoms at all. I guess his wife dealt with the teething kids in his household, because it has always come with a raft of small discomforts at my place.

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