I hit my target weight today. There was much rejoicing after I got weighed.

Until I had two thoughts:
1) Maybe the initial goal I set needs to be adjusted downwards – in which case I have about 1kg to go.
2) Oh my god, now I have to maintain this weight and that means being conscious of what and how much I eat for ever and ever.

I’m very proud of myself, of course. I’ve been dedicated and focused and as a result I was able to lose the weight pretty quickly once I decided I was going to. I’ve bought new clothes and devised a new style for myself, I have a nice haircut, and generally look as though someone loves me and cares about me, after a couple of years of looking more down-at-heel than I would like.

But working hard for a finite amount of time to achieve a very specific goal, and maintaining nutritional discipline in perpetuity are quite different things. I’ll have to get my head around the idea of “flexible restraint” – giving myself enough flexibility to enjoy meals out and treats while also being disciplined enough not to down a packet of potato chips every time I get bored or sad.

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2 Responses to Goaaallll!!

  1. iamroewan says:

    That’s fantastic! Now you know you do have the discipline to get to a weight goal so if you do happen to backslide a little you can get right back on track again.

    • Janette says:

      Yes that’s true. It’s nice to know that I can control my weight and diet, instead of being all over the show like I used to be.

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