I’ve Arrived

Petra and I left Dunedin just after 9 this morning – a good time of day to go because we (or I – Petra was quite unfazed) didn’t have to hang around being sad about leaving. We just got up, got ready, and drove to the airport with Mum and Kelvin. Petra enjoyed her plane ride. She was stoked about the opportunity to eat a lollypop (something that doesn’t come her way very often and that she only ate today because I didn’t want her get sore ears on the descent) and excited about flying like Daddy does.

I was and am less convinced about the whole thing. We arrived into a misty moisty drizzly kind of day, which doesn’t help the city’s looks of course. We drove around the town a bit and I felt as dislocated as if I’d washed up in a whole new country. I half expected Travis to pull unfamiliar currency out of his wallet when he had to pay the parking fee at the airport. And I half expected the locals to begin speaking to us in Spanish or Mandarin or some such.

It occurs to me that I’ve never just moved cities before. When I move, I move big, leaping from country to country, even hemisphere to hemisphere, instead of shifting around inside one country. So I find myself psyched up for a completely new environment. It’ll take me a few days to relax and get my head around the comparative smallness of the change.

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One Response to I’ve Arrived

  1. trayflow says:

    I was actually thinking about that. We are the same. How strange to move such a short distance. Hope the unpacking is going well.

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